Start of Tests of Innovative Anti-Caking Agent

May, 2018

Our partner company has started the tests of innovative and patented anti-caking agent (ACA) for production of nitrogen-based fertilizers in Uzbekistan. It has been developed and patented by the group of Uzbek scientists and is based on truly innovative formula, that uses only locally available and inexpensive ingridients. The production cost is expected to be a fraction of the cost for imported anti-caking analogs. Uzbekistan is a major producer of nitrogen fertilizers and imports huge quantities of anti-caking agents. The tests will occur in "on field" conditions at "FerganaAzot" plant, use the innovative ACA in their process of production of Ammonium Nitrate and then store for a 6 months storage as mandated by local regulations. If the tests are successfull, we foresee buying the patent and develop local production of ACA under tentative trademark "Samarador". Photo: actual Ammonium Nitrate produced using ACA "Samarador".